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    Alabama, really? I thought IL was the only state left that didn't allow?

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    Now to get Alabama as well.
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    Well, I finally had a chance to take my new black beauty to the pistol range, and I must say I was impressed! I expected the recoil to be a little harder to control than my G22 but the difference was very slight. In fact, within 15 yards, grouping was almost identical. The only real difference was that when I double tapped, the second round was about 1.5-2 inches higher than the first round.

    After 200 rounds with my new G27, I'm very impressed. I'll post another report in a few weeks after I've shot 1000 rounds threw it.

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    Love the Glock 27. You need to find some holsters for it, like IWB, ankle, etc. I am looking for a Glock 22. Cabela's has them in once and a while! Have fun! Jeff
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    great choice for a cc handgun. very dependable, don't have to worry when the time comes that you may need to defend yourself.

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    Nice gun yupp. I used to be a skeptic about Glocks, but now I have one, and it's one of my two "go-to" guns. They always work. I think the 17 is the AK47 of handguns. A good first holster would be a Fobus paddle. They are inexpensive, and work real well. I opted for the fixed model over the "Roto-holster". The angle is good for me, and I think it's a little thinner. The paddle is convenient. Don't limit yourself to one style. You may want a good leather belt pancake holster too. An IWB style is good for a little better concealment too. Another nice thing about a Glock is that anything is available for them.

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    Thanks for giving us a range report on the G27

    I did a little holster shopping today and came back with a Don Hume IWB clip holster for my Glock 26.

    Also checked out a Gen 4 Glock Mod 19. I really like the improvement's that they made on the bigger slide release, Slimmer grip. ( I know there are other improvements as well) It felt really good in my hand. Had to put it down before I started getting any ideas in my head ,that I need to sell off my 2nd and 3rd gen Glocks and upgrade to the gen 4's.
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    For holsters, look at:
    Raven Concealment
    Dark Star Gear
    Atomic Dog
    Milt Sparks
    Del Fatti
    Monica Kuehn

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    Rex is in the shower and Heaths holding his cock.... Wtf is going on here?
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