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    The fab five? Yeah, the coach was not implicated but the players were. In another ten years John Calipari will still be on top. He is the most consistent coach out there. He is hands down the best recruiter, that cannot even be argued. Whereever he goes talent will follow him. He still has a lot of time as a coach ahead of him, and he is on the fastest pace to career wins than anybody else that is still coaching. His record of producing NBA stars is unrefutable. Even Bob Knight and Coach K can't claim the amount of superstardom he has produced. Don't hate the player, hate the game man!
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    Didn't even watch it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by I-35 South View Post
    Even Bob Knight and Coach K can't claim the amount of superstardom he has produced.
    Bob Knight and Coach K do not recruit one and done players. Bob Knight never had a player leave after 1 year, and Rivers is going to be the 2nd ever to leave after 1 year at Duke.
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    Bob Knight was a terrible recruiter. His one shining glory, Isiah Thomas, couldn't wait to leave Indiana while he was coaching. Duke isn't Kentucky, you guys got to recognize that. Kids go to Duke for an education and to play sports, kids go to Kentucky mainly to play basketball. Who cares about one and done, wouldn't do it? Please, everyone knows that if any of you all were given the money to go to the pros they would take the money,...its the smart thing to do. I agree with I-35. The only argument people have with Coach Cal is that he only produces "one and done" players. But really, who cares, he can do it year in and year out while every other coach is stuck with their d*** in their hand wishing they could recruit like him.

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