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    Default Best wineador for the $$

    Looking into making a wineador. I want something larger like the 28 for obvious reasons lol. what is the best one for the $$ on the market? if it has the temp control to set temp do I still need to buy a etc module? Also how many sticks with double drawers so i roughly expect to hold? Sorry for all the questions but I trust my fellow botl for answers.. Thanks in advance guys!!
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    I have three that I purchased off of Craigslist for a considerable amount less than I would have spent at retail, all have worked for more than 2 years with no problem. Golfnut botl is a drawer maker and can make shelves for whatever you choose to go with.

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    Newair, it's inexpensive and has a digital temperature controller that is very accurate. Also many of the guys that make shelves make them to fit the 28 bottle model.

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    I think search will be your best friend when it comes to this topic. TONS of info and answers to all your questions. Pretty sure we even had a topic on how many sticks fit in singles/doubles/etc last week.

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    NewAir .... 100% the best and most cost effective brother!

    my build is here ... let me know if I can help any further.!

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    My Vinotemp is still hard at work. We bought it nearly 4 years ago, and it's been moved all of our house, and then into the RV. Now it has traveled all over the country, over some very rough roads, and is still in fighting shape. I'd have a very hard time considering any other brand after how reliable mine has been.

    Vinotemp + ETC + HCM = the most worry free setup out there. I never have to worry about the temperature, or the humidity, just which stick I want to smoke next.

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