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  1. 8ball

    Your latest pipe/pipe tobacco purchase thread....

    Niiiice! Really like that poker. Very original.
  2. 8ball

    Xbox1 gamers

    At least red dead got postponed as opposed to releasing a broken game. However, when its finally released, it'll probably be a broken beta anyways:ROFLMAO:
  3. 8ball

    When to ream

    Hey, that's a guestimate, give or take 20.
  4. 8ball

    When to ream

    Think I do about every 20 bowls or so. People say ream when the cake is over the size of a dime, but I have the hardest time determining cake thickness since it seems to taper up when I look into the bowl. I use one of these.
  5. 8ball

    Xbox1 gamers

    70 hours on Andromeda now. Yea, another planet to drive around completing lack luster quests. Its good, but I'll be glad when it's over. Would never say that about the trilogy.
  6. 8ball

    The Official Pipe and Tobacco Deals Thread

    That squared jumbo free hand for $189. Wowza!
  7. 8ball

    What are you reading

  8. 8ball

    What are you reading

    Dudes, wizard and glass is one of the best books Ive ever read, probably 2nd to Count of Monte Cristo. I liked wolves of the calla as well, then the series kinda went down hill a little IMO. Still, the series as a whole was amazing and so original.
  9. 8ball

    Your latest pipe/pipe tobacco purchase thread....

    Very nice Bos!
  10. 8ball

    Hi From Western NY

    Welcome from the land of the crab apples. @ZippoGeek and I herf at nice ash in Depew. Youll have tp meet us there sometime.
  11. 8ball

    2017 BOTL Pipe - General Shape Discussion & Poll (3 of 3)

    Clint, what's the ballpark figure of how much the botl pipes usually cost?
  12. 8ball

    I'm back.

    Wellcome back @KookaRocha . yeah, sometimes life gets hectic.
  13. 8ball

    What's in your bowl today

  14. 8ball

    Great Deals in NJ....

    That last box sure is purty.
  15. 8ball

    Savinelli Pipes

    Couple of pokers I own that I love. Neerup (around $120). Frickin love this pipe and want to get another Neerup. Stanwell stirling (bought on sale for only about $60). Think I like Stanwell over Savenelli. Dont get me wrong, I really like Savenelli (I own three), but lots of different...
  16. 8ball

    Sobriety Thread

    Well, it's really, really good that he has admitted already that he is an alcoholic. I run our book study on Mondays and we had a new guy that went off topic (which is ok), and mentioned he is in a halfway house, has 5 kids, doesn't work, and has no desire to do any of the work, have a sponsor...
  17. 8ball

    I must be wierd

    Me too. With cigars, I know the basics, Maduro, ligero, Connecticut, but, I never felt the need to get a further breakdown of the different leafs used. I just want to know the flavor profile which usually just concerns mild-medium-full. I don't pay attention to country of origin (except CC's...
  18. 8ball

    What's in your bowl today

    Levant mixture in a molina while parenting.
  19. 8ball

    KC Pipe Show

    No Boswell grizzly then :wacky::ROFLMAO:
  20. 8ball

    KC Pipe Show

    I've always wondered, what is a pipe smoking contest?