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  1. Kantucky

    Start a random rumor about the person above you!

    Doesn't smoke perfectos, ever.
  2. Kantucky

    DE Factory Seconds

    Yeah...if you decide you want to set up a split on t52 I'd be down for some
  3. Kantucky

    DE Factory Seconds

    The UC "firsts" can be had for $4, $3 if you get lucky, on the devil site. So for me that's not a "deal" at all really. And I doubt they'd be asking $7 a piece for seconds if they were really duds, but I can't say for sure. My guess is they'd mostly be discolorations and stuff like that, and...
  4. Kantucky

    This seems like a good deal

    I can assure you that a CL3 isn't worth a dollar a piece. But feel free to find out for yourself. Correction- at $.20 a piece I still wouldn't buy it
  5. Kantucky

    Today's Smoke (2004-2016 Archive)

    Aquitaine while watching the Steelers
  6. Kantucky

    Ryder Cup

    I was there for 3 days at Valhalla, which was pretty good. Especially watching Phil bomb drives 375 at the time. What I got to watch this weekend was great though.
  7. Kantucky

    Today's Smoke (2004-2016 Archive)

    @nic Homeroll. Good stuff.
  8. Kantucky

    Here we go

    Welcome from KY. "Got everything you needed"- LOL. You'll eat those words soon enough.
  9. Kantucky

    RIP Mr Palmer

    Hadn't heard about this yet. Sad indeed.
  10. Kantucky

    The Official Cigar Deals Thread

    Out a week on smoking? Or just the tanning bed?
  11. Kantucky

    Bourbon recommendations

    Personally I think Noah's mill is a little smoother than bookers- neither are harsh but it depends on what you like. For my dollar I've been enjoying the mill and would choose that. You really can't go wrong either way
  12. Kantucky

    Bourbon recommendations

    Noah's mill is very good. So is bookers as has been mentioned. I'd throw in jefferson's or anything knob creek. Won't go wrong with your Noah's mill thought though.
  13. Kantucky

    What are you listening to?

    Highly recommended if you like bluegrass or "real country". Dude can sing, and is a wizard on guitar. Plus he's from my neck of the woods
  14. Kantucky

    Show/List your latest NC Purchase

    A little Homeroll purchase from @nic Thanks bro- they look awesome. Nice work.
  15. Kantucky

    BOTRL Newbie from Louisville, KY

    Welcome from western KY
  16. Kantucky

    Today's Smoke (2004-2016 Archive)

    Lat52 from the first box I ever saw of them. To be honest it didn't age that well. I expected it to be better, but it was still good. Edit: about three minutes after I posted this it became great and stayed that way.
  17. Kantucky

    Olympic Golf

    I'll stick with the next olympics it being a huge thing. But this tournament sucks and the course looks boring. At least on tv it's boring. I don't know if it's a lack of a gallery or what but I've found it very hard to watch so far.
  18. Kantucky

    If you pray, etc...

    Great news! I'll keep your family in my prayers and I hope he makes a speedy and healthy recovery.
  19. Kantucky

    Olympic Golf

    Maybe I'm old school but to me this is the one week they're playing for pride and not money, which makes it extra special. I expect an exciting tournament, and I expect it to be a larger than life event in Tokyo 4 years from now.
  20. Kantucky

    If you pray, etc...

    Sending positive vibes your way!