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    pic of your four legged smoking buddy

    I've got 2 mischievous shiba. They're the best. Except, of course shed
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    Las Calaveras..........

    I think it's just as good as any other $10 cigar out there. I'd put this in my current top 10 NC's.
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    13 weeks later....

    I like your thinking
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    Emergency wineador purchase

    Or you can hire my ex-wife to get the smell out. Nothing and I mean nothing could stand to be with her in small space. Lol. Good luck with your build. I got lucky, bought my wineadors 2nd hand. No smell to worry about.
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    Show/List your latest CC Purchase

    Glad to hear. Just ordered a box from the May sale.
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    Hoping for advice (

    Denatured will open the grain and allow you to wipe off the excess styrofoam. You could also try lacquer thinner. Just make sure you let it air out before installing. Good luck.
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    I am Howl

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    I'm An Idiot!

    Done the same thing. Sometimes it's like a feeding frenzy. Eyes roll back and I just keep biddin' away. Lol
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    Today's Smoke (2004-2016 Archive)

    Lat, coffee and thank god, some sunshine.
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    Emergency wineador purchase

    It's just the opposite in NY. A lady in Manhattan had hers listed on craigslist as 50 bottle wine cooler $75. I hit her up," she said," young man, I'll leave it with the doorman." I said, " sooo, I'll give him the $", no, just take it.
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    Emergency wineador purchase

    Don't share your space. Contrary to what our kindergarten teachers told us, sharing is not If you don't find anything suitable LMK. I got a 150 ct. Humidor I could give ya. All I ask is you pay shipping. Probably $15
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    Show/List your latest NC Purchase

    Yeah, I'm gonna try like hell. It's a Saturday,right?
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    Show/List your latest NC Purchase

    Try Cigar Republic in Danbury,CT. Tell Will or Jerry you belong to this site. They got a sort spot for BOTL
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    Show/List your latest NC Purchase

    Yeah, they are exclusive to Atlantic and Marvin in Hawaii. Fortunately for me Atlantic has 2 shops called Cigar Republic real close to me. The guys that work there smoke cigars but could give a rats ass what it is. As long as it's good. I bring them cigars from the little island and they take...
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    Show/List your latest NC Purchase

    New Viaje.
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    Jonathan Drew event at Riverside Cigars

    Is this for charity of something. I've never understood the fascination with famous people. I worked in NYC for years and have met or bumped into 100's of celebrities. Surprisingly only 2 of them were cool and hungout and talked with my union members. Matthew Modine (private joker) and Kevin...
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    What CC you smoking?

    This could quite possibly be the best cigar I've ever smoked.
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    buying online?

    As my grandmother use to say, you do good, you do no good. Coney Island logic I guess.its nice that an older member is looking out for a noob. Problem is, is everyone is so sensitive.
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    DE Event in Danbury,CT 4/12

    Cigar Republic in Danbury is having their DE event. I was there yesterday and they have tons of everything, including Liga A's. 5pm-12pm.
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    Viaje Atlantic Lance

    If you have trouble getting them in the UK ,LMK. Atlantic is just a couple miles from my house. Going to a DE event there tonight.