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  1. LFOD

    Your latest pipe/pipe tobacco purchase thread....

    Duh, thanks Tyler :whistle:
  2. LFOD

    Your latest pipe/pipe tobacco purchase thread....

    Do you have a link or an exact name? Searching amazon for "cassoly press" does not find anything.
  3. LFOD

    Suggestions for a memorable smoke??

    For me that would be easy: Padron 1926 No 9 maduro. This of course assumes you both are good with very strong Nicaraguan cigars.
  4. LFOD

    Spice bomb?

    Erik Espinosa's 601 green and La Bomba are pretty decent spice bombs. Usually get some red pepper even. Tat Fausto is a go to. Most of the Pepin range is noted for spice. On the pricier side the most vivid representation of pepper I've ever found in a cigar is the Padron 1926 #9. Was...
  5. LFOD

    Altria—the largest tobacco concern in the United States—wrote "We agree with FDA..."

    This is predictable, text book corporate strategy. Use power and connections (government agencies in this case) to put the smaller competitors out of business. When you can't win on the strength of your product use brute force.
  6. LFOD

    Your latest pipe/pipe tobacco purchase thread....

    Wow! I love panels and the grain on that is spectacular.
  7. LFOD

    How do you organize

    uh... smoke em all is what I do. problem solved! :joyful:
  8. LFOD

    New C&a?

  9. LFOD

    BOTL Weight Loss Thread

    Down 66 lbs since October. Man I love keto.
  10. LFOD

    Cushioned Walking Shoes

    John, I stick with New Balance because my feet are ridiculously wide like godawful penguin flippers. But I throw away the flimsy thin insole pad inside em and replace with cushioned gel insoles. Makes a big difference. Also I get rid of mine every 6 months or so. I know when to toss em when my...
  11. LFOD

    New C&a?

    La Zona... is Erik Espinosa the guy blending these?
  12. LFOD

    Tatuaje Broadleaf Collection -- meh?

    It's funny how individual tastes are. That is exactly how Mexican San Andres wrappers taste to me - dirt. Whereas I love broadleaf wrappers. It's like our tastes are just tuned differently.
  13. LFOD

    Is anybody else in on this MYSTERY BOX o' CRAPOLA :woot:
  14. LFOD

    Is anybody else in on this MYSTERY BOX o' CRAPOLA

    Ha that La Hermandad is not a bad cigar at all! I was guessing by "bag of crapola" you were going to get stuff like "RAJA's UNTIMELY DEMISE" or "SMOKING ASS" :ROFLMAO:
  15. LFOD

    The best cigar you ever had (so far!)?

    One Pudgy Monsters Frank that I had a few years ago. Walnuts and milk chocolate. My god it was amazing. Maybe I was having a stroke, imagining it, I dunno. But for some reason that cigar sticks in my mind as one of the best I've ever enjoyed. For consistency the Padron 1926 #9; every time...
  16. LFOD

    Saints and sinners

  17. LFOD

    Saints and sinners

    It's claimed
  18. LFOD

    Saints and sinners

  19. LFOD

    Remove Membership

    O Or maybe he could just be sentenced to smoking 4 bowls Captain Black Grape and go and sin no more?
  20. LFOD

    Moretti Magnum Poker

    Nice. Love the juxtaposition of the coal black rustication and the smooth finished briar shank.