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  1. D Quintero

    San Cristóbal de La Habana El Principe

    nice writeup SCdLH rolls good smoke. the vitola is a minuto btw
  2. D Quintero

    CC Size/Price Difference

    big rj coronitas en cedro fan since ever since. dig the flavor profile > considerations same with plp's the nose on em > med filler material bunches of fat CC's aren't a thing in my bag Its progressive to figure whats most to desire with preferences in mind
  3. D Quintero

    Heading to Vegas need recommendations

    look for the opus x pussy cats there. Only Fuente is Fuente ...And always bet on black
  4. D Quintero

    What's Your Favorite Dark Horse?

    Anything Perdomo
  5. D Quintero

    When To Punch

    Was some time ago , last I punched was an LFD Chiselito.
  6. D Quintero

    CBD / Hemp Oil

    CBD by means of vaping is the best bang route. However, its a smaller market Ive gotten very nice effects - a great tool for winding down.
  7. D Quintero

    Took the leap

    toke up a No. 4 & dig you some young Monty twang
  8. D Quintero


    Thank God Bros. Y'all made it . Was 110 miles away from the 7.1 Landers quake in '92 and that was nuts.
  9. D Quintero

    whats a good birthday cigar

    Anything Perdomo .
  10. D Quintero

    how long have you been smoking cigars and what age did you start

    Don't smoke - Just collect
  11. D Quintero

    Show us your latest beverage purchase

    Procured today
  12. D Quintero

    Just scored these Cuban Montecristos

    Not much. Dried up uncared for years on end smokes are garbage. '96 monty 4's are worth salvaging so id go 50-75 tops
  13. D Quintero

    Show us your latest beverage purchase

    couple beers
  14. D Quintero

    Anejo’s coming next week!

    aged anejo is good smoke only fuente is fuente
  15. D Quintero

    Thanksgiving 2018

    a tuna melt on a croissant
  16. D Quintero

    BOTL Top 25 of 2018 - Voting

    Timelessly holding strong again.
  17. D Quintero

    5 Vegas Triple A

    Anything Perdomo
  18. D Quintero

    Instagram contest/giveaway

    Nice ! Did i win ?
  19. D Quintero

    Hello from Amish Country

    a hearthly countryside Welcome to Brethren of the old order Tim is indeed at hand .
  20. D Quintero

    Bitcoin Sell