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  1. OldSkoolTarHeel

    What are you reading

    I just picked up the new Dan Brown book Origin. If you’ve only seen the movies, like The Da Vinci Code, trust me, they do the books no justice at all. But I guess that’s usually the case with adaptations.
  2. OldSkoolTarHeel

    To: Chat | From: Me

    He's talking about one minute chat bans, which are hysterical. Not a ban from the site. Try to keep up.
  3. OldSkoolTarHeel

    NJ Area BOTL

    I did. And I'm coming to NY for one week only, which I told both @nc_6789 and @CVAC085 aviut months ago, and they chose to be bitches and make other plans.
  4. OldSkoolTarHeel

    NJ Area BOTL

    Maybe September 10th in Massapequa Park would work. @nc_6789 how does that work? Ass
  5. OldSkoolTarHeel

    venganza Issues.

    I smoked one last night and had the same issues. Couldn't keep the sucker lit at all.
  6. OldSkoolTarHeel

    Journey of a Renovation Rookie

    Nice. Looks good.
  7. OldSkoolTarHeel

    Edition One Cigars

    So how are they smoking??? Oh wait, you didn't get them yet did you? My bad.
  8. OldSkoolTarHeel

    Does your doctor know you smoke cigars?

    They're called selfies.
  9. OldSkoolTarHeel

    Hey from Chapel Hill North Carolina, relocated from NJ around 2011!

    Welcome from Savannah, GA. @Hopduro is from around your parts. Maybe he'll pop in.
  10. OldSkoolTarHeel

    What are you reading

    I just finished A Song of Ice and Fire. Going to take a little break from GRRM and go back to Brad Thor for a bit. I can't remember the name of his latest novel, but it's already on my kindle.
  11. OldSkoolTarHeel

    Show/List your latest NC Purchase

    Thanks for the stupid fast shipping @CETobacco No issues getting ANY LE, and great CS to boot. Definitely worth the membership.
  12. OldSkoolTarHeel

    Scott is a LIAR!!!

    I wouldn't expect anything else than you blaming a poor defenseless app for your blatant and horrible screwup. Also, nice hit.
  13. OldSkoolTarHeel


    I wish I could like this more than once.
  14. OldSkoolTarHeel

    What CC you smoking?

    08 Punch Punch for Father's Day.
  15. OldSkoolTarHeel

    What are you reading

    I used to read all of the Mitch Rapp books. Let me know how this new guys work compares to the late Vince Flynn.
  16. OldSkoolTarHeel

    What's your current CCW?

    SA XD Mod 2 Subcompact in 9mm in a Crossbreed Super Tuck IWB
  17. OldSkoolTarHeel

    Saints and sinners out there?

    I tried last year with great internet, and still didn't get in. But I was lucky enough to be referred by @nc_6789 Now I'm a member. Go me!
  18. OldSkoolTarHeel

    2017 BOTL Mug

    I like the bigger 14 oz mugs. So the Tall Belly and Ramsey. As for color, I like the color combinations rather than the single colors.