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  1. jmartins

    North Dallas Herf - 1pm June 23rd at Elite in Addison

    I wish I could make it brother been far to long. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. jmartins

    Old school Botl

    I miss the old guys, it was awesome seeing you all in TN. I definitely need to make it out to another Herf.
  3. jmartins

    Today's Smoke - 2017

    It is still my go to, I absolutely love those cigars. Was it amazing or what?
  4. jmartins

    New baby girl

    Congrats brother and it is good to hear that mommy and the little one are doing well. Good luck. JM
  5. jmartins

    For my last night in my 50s.

    Happy Birthday brother...I hope you have an amazing day and you get all that you wish for.
  6. jmartins

    Today's Smoke - 2017

  7. jmartins

    The passing of Jeff Johnson (plumber1965)

    Jeff may you rest in piece brother and in joy the perfect one for us all from the great lounge in the sky. To his family and friends know you are not alone in your pain as he is sorely missed by all of his brothers.
  8. jmartins

    Scrabble 2.0

  9. jmartins

    Premium Cigar Cutters: worth it?

    I have a Xikar, Xi3 if I am not mistaken and I have had it since 2012 and she still cuts as if it were new...Palio also makes an excellent cutter. Both carry excellent it is Black Friday...Checkout Famous and other sites as they may have deals on cutters and cigars.
  10. jmartins

    A Sad Old Man

    Damn Monte, that breaks my heart. She is at the big park in the sky. All the bones she wants.
  11. jmartins

    Kitchen Reno

    Looks real good, I did the exact same thing, I moved my kitchen to the opposite corner of the house. Amazing work though. Now onto the next project cause she knows you can do it. :D Enjoy, JM
  12. jmartins

    CLOSED OE 16 Auction #13 (Homerolls/Artwork)

    Done....Confirmation number: 2BP04481K1718225E.
  13. jmartins

    OE16 T-shirts

    BUMP...for an absolutely amazing cause. Come on guys 3 hours lets get another 10 shirts out.
  14. jmartins

    navyvets filipino vacation

    Looking forward to it got my number keep in touch.
  15. jmartins

    navyvets filipino vacation

    Damn, well @Ducttapegonewild next time you fly back come to Canada and we can top it. LOL
  16. jmartins

    CLOSED OE 16 Auction #5 (Mischman)

    I will throw 100 for both lots. 50 a piece.