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  1. StogieNinja

    Box of Cigars for Birth of Child

    Well, here’s what I would do: take the next year to keep sampling and figure out what you personally enjoy smoking. Then, when boxes with the month and year of the kid’s birth are available (6-12mo after) you can grab one. I have a box from each of my kids’ birth month and year, and smoke them...
  2. StogieNinja

    What CC you smoking?

    Sunday afternoon, watching the kids play at the ditch. Shoes from @sofc, RIP.
  3. StogieNinja

    New Format?

    Is that what you kids are calling it these days?
  4. StogieNinja

    Is it just me

    I cannot imagine trying to smoke a pipe while doing yard work. The tongue bite I would get! One secret to smoking a cigar in the yard: bigger ring gauge, longer cigars. I hardly ever smoke toros or larger, but always go for something bigger when doing yard work. The larger rg helps it to burn...
  5. StogieNinja

    Is it just me

    I love a good cigar on a hot day while mowing the lawn. The cigar can get a bit hot, the smoke can get a bit harsh, and it’s something you don’t want to do with a premium stick. But something about the stifling heat and the almost-too-much-smoke combo is supremely enjoyable. least...
  6. StogieNinja

    My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me because of cigars

    RevSmoke may be right, but also realize you need to take steps to be the kind of man that better woman out there wants and deserves, or that better woman is also going to leave you. Or you’ll bring her down until she is no longer better.
  7. StogieNinja

    My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me because of cigars

    Not necessarily. I started dating my wife the summer after my freshman year of college. We got married a week after I graduated. We’ve been married 15 years, and I haven’t regretted any of the “missed opportunities” for a moment.
  8. StogieNinja

    My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me because of cigars

    I disagree with this. I think it’s the biggest misconception about love that there is. The reality is that we are all selfish people. Loving others, which is to fight our selfish nature, is alwaysgoing to take work. It’s worth it, but it will take work.
  9. StogieNinja

    My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me because of cigars

    If you had to hide the cigars from her, it wasn’t the cigars. If she broke up with you because of cigars, it wasn’t the cigars. In case I’m not being clear here, it wasn’t the cigars.
  10. StogieNinja

    Party Shorts box code?

    Down to half a dozen left so going to place an order for a cab. Anyone know recent box codes currently available that are burning well right now?
  11. StogieNinja


    I remember back at another place (circa 2012) doing group buys for PSD4 and Boli RC at $135/box. Didn’t know then how good we had it!
  12. StogieNinja

    Dumb winadore question

    If the temp is fine, just leave it unplugged. I quit using the cooling on my mine years ago. It’s now just a really pretty coolidor, and things are great.
  13. StogieNinja

    What are you reading

    The one by Roberts? I heard it was really good. I started his bio of Napoleon a while back but got distracted by some others. Currently reading “For The Glory” by Duncan Hamilton, the Eric Liddell biography. It’s really good.
  14. StogieNinja

    Letter from cbid?

    Lol. I’m the furthest thing from “baller.” Once or twice a year I buy a box or two of a yard gar I really like. According to the letter, I spent $53 at cbid last year!
  15. StogieNinja

    Letter from cbid?

    Something new every day. So I got a letter with “important tax information” on the front. Opened it up, and there was a letter from cbid telling me what I spent last year so I could pay my excise tax. Anyone else get one of these? Is it just cbid or are others doing this now?
  16. StogieNinja

    Is this the cigar smokers fault?

    The price bounces a lot, I discovered. Put s price watch on camel camel camel. Ps they’re $9.99 right now. Sistema 1870 Klip It Collection Rectangle Food Storage Container, 236 Ounce
  17. StogieNinja

    Let's talk credit, credit cards, and rewards!

    I use the Costco card for gas, restaurants, and at Costco. Use the CapitalOne DoubleCash for everything else.
  18. StogieNinja

    BOTL mug 2019 mug design poll

    Yep! This was discussed in the 2017 BOTL mug thread, these are the designs Eric communicates were available.
  19. StogieNinja

    BOTL mug 2019 mug design poll

    Why are all commercial mugs so dang big?
  20. StogieNinja

    Rotate or Not???