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  1. sweemzander

    What's in your bowl today

    Likewise - would I have known you were there id of said hello
  2. sweemzander

    Recommendation To Replace McClelland Blends

    They had a unique process & a strict standard to which tobaccos they bought - some come close Honestly, as good as they are/were, there are so many fantastic blends out there
  3. sweemzander

    HBH 2019 (Commitment list)

    We did! oh, by the way - your name is "Cleeve" now per Brad
  4. sweemzander

    HBH 2019 (Commitment list)

    Guys, I had a blast - a pleasure to put a face to the name(s). Food was awesome as well as all the laughs Hopefully will not be the last year for me Finally got back last night at 6pm
  5. sweemzander

    HBH 2019 (Commitment list)

  6. sweemzander

    Anyone going to the CPCC show?

    Ill be there friday & saturday
  7. sweemzander

    A question for the Bourbon Gurus

    Sounds like its just the empty barrel at that point. . . they went to the distillery & picked out a barrel they liked - was emptied/bottled & they sold it in their store Alot of places have "Picked" single barrels from distilleries - makes it a unique buy that you can only get from that...
  8. sweemzander

    Show us your latest beverage purchase

    I have a few bottles downstairs - not sure which ones i have
  9. sweemzander

    HBH 2019 (Commitment list)

    Bringing Mead & coffee/maker Got two folding camp chairs @BradMc get my payment ok?
  10. sweemzander

    Dr. Hoppy

    Congrats man!
  11. sweemzander

    DIY barrel aging

    You can buy various woods via homebrew shops for relatively inexpensive amounts that generally have various levels of toast as well: Example...
  12. sweemzander

    What's in your bowl today

    Still bad at posting my daily bowls... New peterson 408 rosslare w/ some capt. Earles honor blend courtesy of @ak2000 Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  13. sweemzander

    What CC you smoking?

    How's she smoking? Been meaning to check in on that box Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. sweemzander

    Legitimately Cutting the Cord

    seems like you already have some solid feedback, but ive been using sling/roku/netflix & am perfectly happy with it. Only time it can be hard to watch what you want is football & sports - can be hard to get the game you want
  15. sweemzander

    Anyone have this cabinet??

    Yes, the shelves are adjustable. There are two, but I found it to be too cramped to have both shelves in so I just put one in the center & had a top/bottom layout
  16. sweemzander

    What's in your bowl today

    hows the new crumble kake?
  17. sweemzander

    House cleaning

    the burley guy is selling off his aged burley flake?!
  18. sweemzander

    Anyone have this cabinet??

    I used to own one of these as well, a number of years back... while it seemed to hold humidity well in the drawers it definitely leaked in numerous places. The biggest frustration however, was getting at anything in the lower shelves - had to take out 3-5 boxes to get at what you were looking...
  19. sweemzander

    Your latest pipe/pipe tobacco purchase thread....

    Some of my favs in there!