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    Large lawn care

    Buy a Scag zero-turn and never look back. Our yard is similarly situated and, after numerous mower upgrades, we're finally happy with our zero-turn from a slightly lesser brand. But there's a sting of buyer's remorse as the Scag would have been perfect
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    I could use some parenting advice

    When do you need to decide? If it's soon, I'd say A. I don't operate on promises and would choose the school with the actual offer. If there's no rush, it sounds like B is your preferred choice and I would wait it out until I got a written offer or the deadline had arrived.
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    Is anyone on here a physical therapist?

    My girlfriend is. It's an insanely competitive field; there's generally thousands of applicants for EACH spot in any program. I'm happy to relay any questions you may have
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    My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me because of cigars

    First, sorry to hear that. Breakups are tough. My girlfriend of 3 years and I broke up during my senior year of undergrad (slightly different: she was cheating on me and I threw her out of our apartment). Time heals all things. Second, every college couple thinks they're a perfect couple. The...
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    What are you reading

    The Tattooist of Auschwitz - Heather Morris
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    What are you listening to?

    I've only relistened once so far and like it marginally better. I think I understand the album more now, but I don't find it much more enjoyable. If he could do an entire album as good as Tookie Knows Pt II, he would go down as the greatest of all time. Here's to hoping!
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    What are you listening to?

    Honestly, quite disappointed. There's nothing wrong with it, but it falls flat. Oxymoron and Blank Face are two of my favorite albums of all time; combine that with the excruciating 3 year wait and it all adds up for a wildly underwhelming experience. It's good to see Q evolve, but this is not...
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    What are you listening to?

    Fly Times Vol 1. - Wiz Crash Talk - Schoolboy Q
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    Need a new dishwasher

    We have the double stack of Fisher & Paykel drawers for main kitchen duty. While the idea is brilliant, they've required numerous repairs and one total replacement over the past 12 years. We also have two fullsize dishwashers that are only used occasionally. I'll need to check the brands when I...
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    Battle in the Bluegrass X

    I still haven't done a thread on what USPSA is and why it's awesome (sorry), but I thought some of you might be interested in my match video from the first major match of 2019 and my breakdown of it. I've copy and pasted this verbatim from a forum dedicated to such things, so I apologize if...
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    Since Aristocrat Is No Longer an Option.....

    As a fellow "set and forget" type, I plan on returning to mostly coolers when the time comes. I've had the least issues with coolerdors and tupperdors, and the (comparatively) most issues with my wineador and cabinet.
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    What are you listening to?

    Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys
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    What are you listening to?

    Harry Chapin - Greatest Stories Live
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    A Noob’s Venture into Firearms

    Enjoy this new adventure! It's a lot more fun than most people will ever let on to. If you ever have questions, feel free to PM. I spend nearly all of my free time behind a handgun and, starting this year, also get paid to do so .
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    What in your 9mm?

    HST and Gold Dot are pretty much the gold standard. Bonded HPs check all of the right boxes, and those grains and pressures behave appropriately. There's a few others that perform equally, if not better, but are generally much harder to find (e.g., Ranger). Some guns are more sensitive to...
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    What in your 9mm?

    Federal HST or Speer Gold Dots; 124+p or 147 standard pressure (Whatever is available.)
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    Need help with a life decision

    Oh my God, so much this. Yes, have your fun. But, play the long game. Racking up easy As benefits your long-term plan infinitely more than skipping your class because of a hangover. I finished my Bachelor's around a 3.2. I started slow, finished mostly strong, but racked up lots of Bs where...
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    What are you listening to?

    Various Nipsey albums thanks to this weekend, especially Victory Lap. Trunk Muzik 3 by Yelawolf is just firing up now.
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    Need help with a life decision

    Very bold assumption. Schools are actually very good at rejecting your completed credits. There's no way I would stay at an unaccredited location. To the OP, you've already received a lot of good advice (other than nobody mentioning the crunchwrap supreme with Diablo sauce). As somebody that...
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    Golf: Shopping for Irons

    Golfer dudes, help me. I need inexpensive irons. I would like to buy a set of new (to me) irons. I have been using the same set that is, presumably, from the late 80s - mid 90s. They don't fit and are - obviously - dated. Here's the catch: I want to spend as little as reasonably possible. I...