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  1. Smoqman

    famous discount wow Sin Compromiso $170

  2. Smoqman

    @Rupe Cigar Bomb

    Rupe is a dick like that!
  3. Smoqman

    Take a word, leave a word

    Date Plate
  4. Smoqman

    Czech traditions

    Hookers and blow.... that count?
  5. Smoqman

    Rocky Patel, what the hell?

    He’s a dick.
  6. Smoqman

    Spring Home Projects

    Asphalt is burnt socks. Burnt socks are dumb.
  7. Smoqman

    Happy Birthday to BradMc

    He’s one of the absolute GREATS in the BOTL world, and in my life. His heart is bigger than almost any other and he can throw a toilet tissue through a tree! Let’s get back to Nica together my friend!! Happy Birthday!
  8. Smoqman

    A Long Time Brother in Need

    Thank you Anthony. I just left him a lil note on his progress update page.
  9. Smoqman

    bed in a box

    I heard Chucky has a box you can put your bed in.
  10. Smoqman

    AR-15 Build Thread

    “Steer clear of the moors......”
  11. Smoqman

    Today's Smoke - 2017

  12. Smoqman

    Old school Botl

    And where was MYYYYYY invite??!! @Jfire [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]. Glad you had a good time with the real deal :)
  13. Smoqman

    Welcome Lady...Newest member of the Happily EverAfter Family

    Really precious, Dave. [emoji173]️
  14. Smoqman

    ESPN is ruining baseball

    (quoting Jim Jeffries).... "They're a bunch of cunts"
  15. Smoqman

    What was the final push?

    Also, bomb Bob.
  16. Smoqman

    What was the final push?

    My first cc was in 1982 - graduating year. My friend's sister was dating a pro soccer player from Cuba and he gave me an HDM (can't recall which) - it was also my first real handroll.. I've gone between cc and nc since as my tastebuds have changed. Oddly enough it's never been an even mix of the...
  17. Smoqman


    Should be fun. Charlie is a very cool guy and the Mastodon have always been very cool too. The set is really short, but it'll be fun and helping a good cause (Suicide Prevention) is always a good thing.
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    I think I get into Chicago on wed or thurs.
  20. Smoqman


    Working in the city on that Sat night (at the Metro) But going through Madison/ Milwaukee area on the way.