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  1. AlohaStyle

    Party Shorts box code?

  2. AlohaStyle

    Party Shorts box code?

    Not sure as I'm smoking through older stuff, but in general, stay away from 2016s... I'd much rather have an '18 cab than '16.
  3. AlohaStyle

    Has Anyone Recently Visited Varadero?

    I haven't been but do you know about the Yuli price list? Look it up online and make a short list of what you'd want and give to them...
  4. AlohaStyle

    Whats up with the pass thread?

    They are now, you just triggered it... :wacky:
  5. AlohaStyle

    Whats up with the pass thread?

    It’s not allowed, never has been. Sometimes people sneak in trades or other things in certain threads but when a post is titled and it’s clearly a CC only transaction, nope.
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    Rollers in Pinar del Rio ?

    There aren't any rollers that work out of cigar shops like they do in Havana. But there are farm rollers that you can visit and pick up farmies that are generally made with 100% tobacco from their farms. Hector Luis Prieto is well known and has a great farm to visit, the Robaina farm is well...
  7. AlohaStyle

    Help me plan my wedding cigar setup

    Definitely agree above that the RyJ Mille Fleurs are great. If you want something milder with good flavor, the Por Larranaga Panetelas would by my choice. Not really the name recognition, but if you tell noobs they're smoking a cuban cigar, they won't care.
  8. AlohaStyle

    Help me plan my wedding cigar setup

    You already said the magic words... Party Shorts and HUHC, lol. Honestly, both are excellent and would be a great option so that people who don't smoke much can choose a small cigar, and, like you said, people won't spend all night smoking. Nacho gave some good ideas. Only other thing I...
  9. AlohaStyle

    Eurotrip (Brussels, Ghent, Amsterdam, Paris)

    Hey brotha, hope you have a good trip. A nice long flight from Seattle deserves a cigar right?! You have been reading reviews so it sounds like you know some options already... simply googling LCDH and the cities will pull up a couple good options. I have not personally been in any of them so...
  10. AlohaStyle

    First timer

    I just looked at the Yuli list again... if the price is still accurate, look for an H.Upmann Noellas jar if they are $122. That's a great price and is a nice keepsake jar for a memento of your trip. I recently saw someone post a picture of a bunch of jars in one of the shops, I can't remember...
  11. AlohaStyle

    First timer

    There are definitely certain cigars that you can save a lot by buying in Cuba vs the online retailers. The new QdO is one example of being pretty cheap in Cuba compared to online. You can get a great deal on Upmann Sir Winston if you find some. Many other boxes are drastically reduced in...
  12. AlohaStyle

    Favorite robusto?

    Exactly... but he's looking for pepper and spice...?? I love the Monte Edmundo... my 05 box was one of my fav cigars. Sadly down to 1. :(
  13. AlohaStyle

    Favorite robusto?

    Pepper and spice?? :spam::stop::wacky:
  14. AlohaStyle

    Favorite robusto?

    For what you want, definitely try Partagas SD #4.
  15. AlohaStyle

    Plume / mold

    There's mold on the Hoyo and Bolivar as well... wipe them all off. Hopefully a moldy cigar just spread and you don't have other issues going on with your storage.
  16. AlohaStyle

    Misinformation from TSA and AARP

    No one has commented about Tom getting/reading AARP news?? :oldman::wacky:
  17. AlohaStyle

    Monte on My Mind

    You don’t even need to look past the box to know they’re fake, sorry man.
  18. AlohaStyle

    Figurado October 2018

    Pretty sure it is the Petit Lancero... I didn't really want to give it up. lol How did you like it?
  19. AlohaStyle

    Cigar under the faucet?!?!

    No worries man, just be happy you're not old like I am to know those threads existed...
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    Cigar under the faucet?!?! :bookworm: