I was bombed !!!


testing testing.....is this thing on?
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So if you don't know I am new to all of this (the site and cigars) I get a message from @Tyler86 asking for my address because "you need a noob package"
After some convincing I relented and gave it up,he convinced me I could reciprocate when I can in the future.
My son and I were on our way to work and he has me stop at the post office to pick up a package he had ordered.
He was in there quite a while and he comes out laughing!! He's got two packages in his his hands, he opens the passenger door and said "what in the hell did you order" and he hands me this.

That's right a box with rainbow unicorns!!
He and the clerk at the post office had been yucking it up for some time.
I had no idea what I had ordered but he made smart comments and wouldn't stop smiling all the way to work.

We get to work and I opened the box and
BOOM Cigar bomb


@Tyler86 bombed me.
well packaged and in double zip lock bags with Bovida packs
I was totally overwhelmed . My humi is packed this will force me to finish the wineador project I have started
And can't wait to start enjoying.
Thanks again
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