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Just Another Ashhole
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Logged on today and like how the place is laid out with some minor tweaks that keep things easy and organized...anything to idiot proof a Cigar Site. Well done! Two icons that help us post easily....the 2 step cha-cha.....Post Thread/Preview.
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Eric posted a thread the other day that he was doing some updates to the forum on his end with some downtime. I logged in earlier and was like whoa what a (nice) change to the forum. Just taking a little bit of getting used to the new look and features. I'm enjoying it so far.


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More touches to get where I want. Magically disappearing curser when posting sometimes.... jury is still out
Some of the issues may be related to the style not optimized with the newer version of the forum.
If you want to see what the forums will look like soon, go to the Style chooser and select the illuminate style at the bottom left of any page (or click here: http://www.botl.org/misc/style?style_id=21&_xf)