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Dec 3, 2004
The review forums are a benefit to host your reviews and for all here to read here. The increased mis-use of using these review forums used solely to plug the reviewer's own site without contribution has prompted the implementation of the following guidelines:

1. You must post a complete review. Posting a snippet of your review and then including a link to the rest of a review on an external site is not allowed. It will be deleted. However, you may post a link to your review on an external site at the end of your review.

2. If you list your review as a video review, then your video must visible and playable within the thread. The forum supports most major video hosting sites such as Youtube and Vimeo. You only need to paste the link to the video.

3. While there is no set format for reviewing, you are expected to make a positive effort. One sentence or worded reviews are not allowed and will be deleted. Also, if you are critical of a cigar - explain why and please keep it constructive.
Not open for further replies.