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Update on alligator attack during Ida


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Jan 30, 2017
Remains found in 12 ft alligator are confirmed to be human. While back in a thread I cant find I talked about an attack that occurred during flooding from Hurricane Ida. A large alligator was captured in the area, examined and initial reports of the attack where confirmed. This happened 8 miles from our house. I had spent a lot of time in that marsh when younger teal hunting so I'm familiar with the area.

In another update @Gravelface posted about conducting illegal alcohol sales to minors checks with his daughter. We mentioned a late night accident that resulted in the deaths of two 16 yr old girls. At the time I assumed there was alcohol involved. The surviving driver of the car, another 16 yr old girl, was charged with multiple counts and confirmed to be intoxicated at the time of the accident. Two young lives ended and 3 others forever changed.
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Jun 6, 2014
Joplin, MO
That’s terrible.

What are the hunting laws in LA for gators? Does the tail meat from large gators equally as good as the younger ones?
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Jul 10, 2021
Yeah, a buddy of mine attended the autopsy of the gator. A foot, partial skull and some other half digested remains.

A 12’ gator is a monster, 500+ lbs of 80 million years of untouched evolution..... it’s a killing machine.

hunting is like most other game, you need a license and tags. Tags are Generally handed out to property owners based on acreage and the gator needs to be hunted on the owners property who was issued the tag. Nuisance hunters are allowed to remove / dispatch gators that are near residential areas or that become problematic. Even inside my city, we get gator calls. I draw the line at 5-6’ that I’m willing to catch.

As far as eating, I’ve never known anyone to
Turn down a gator based on size. But method of cooking may play into it. Battered and deep fried is always a fan favorite. One of these days, I’m going to have to smoke one. Local place has “gator wings”, front legs of smaller gators fried up. Tails are popular just cause it’s fast and easy to lop off the tail for the majority of the meat, but you can eat damn near ever bit of it. Just be sure to trim fat away. It’s also available at some smaller grocery stores and most local restaurants.

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