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Aganorsa Casa Fernandez Box date help

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Jun 11, 2018
Hi Brothers! I was wondering if any of you guys might be helpful with this. I have a partial box of Aganorsa Casa Fernandez Miami Petit Robusto’s that I’ve had aging since 2018. I was just moving boxes around in my cabinet and wanted to take a look at the date on that box. All of my other Aganorsa boxes have clear dates on the bottom. The format on this one seems kinda weird when compared to other boxes. It’s just six numbers, so I was wondering if it’s a date or some other number. I’m including a later box dated for 2019 as a reference. I’d be happy to just have opinions on whether you think it’s a date or some other number?46EB4DC1-8C04-447A-8D67-EF3598328941.jpeg
This is the one that I’m wondering about.
Here is the newer one for reference.

El Corojo