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An Oregonian who ONLY smokes tobacco!

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Apr 10, 2019
Yes, we're rare. Everyone else out here seems to smoke greener things.

Let's see, about me. I enjoy long walks on short beaches. I prefer the nicer things in life, like aerosol cheese. I roast my own coffee (which is far and away my favorite pairing with cigars). I used to do stand-up comedy in California and Oregon, so I tend to try to make a joke out of everything. This does not impress my wife.

My favorite cigars come from Nicaragua, specifically Padron 1926 and Oliva Serie V/Serie V Melanio, but I recently enjoyed a couple of Cohiba Siglos and they were lovely. Like most, I made the mistake of buying some dog rocket samplers to start, then the hobby QUICKLY got expensive once I figured out what real premium smokes were like. I have way too many cigars now, so I actively look for good deals and sales, and buy more often.