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Any Powerlifters?

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Sep 14, 2010
Miles to go before I sleep ...
Thanks Charlie! Thats awesome your gonna step up and compete much respect for man. What are your lifts looking like these days? I see this time last year you were killing it!
I'd like to say that they've all improved a lot but that'd be a lie lol
I've been dealing with low back issues and so i honestly have no idea what my squatting looks like. I've had to start completely over from scratch.
My deadlift is up to 515. I think there's more in the tank there but I also think I won't hit full potential until my back is feeling right.
Bench is slowly getting stronger but i haven't maxed in a while. Really just been focusing on form and following 531 style programming.

It is what it is .. gotta fix the back and see where I go from there.