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CC bands

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Oct 16, 2019
Buffalo, Wyoming
Why do the Cubans use so much friggin glue on their bands?

I can't count the number of times that I damaged the wrapper trying to get one off.

Just happened this morning with a VR Famosos which got damaged right on a seam, so it started peeling badly in 2 directions.

Fortunately I was wise enough after so many damaged wrappers to pick up a couple bottles of Cigar glue.

Has saved many a cc in the last 6 months.
Need to order some more as my last bottle is getting low since they are so tiny.

Really be nice if the bottles were bigger, the tiny little ones I'm finding available just go so quickly.

Nc's dont seem to have this problem at all. They all come off easily from the seam on the band with no damage.

Really drives me nuts with cc's.

Also, if anyone has a lead on larger bottles of glue, I would greatly appreciate a heads up.

Haven't found anything bigger than 15ml so far, which is more than twice the size of most of what's available, but still fairly small.

Ok, rant complete,lol

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