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Cigar Review: My Father La Opulencia


Glass Gars Guns Garden
Rating - 100%
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Aug 27, 2017
North East Tennessee
The other day I received a “Ron Mexico” in a trade and was like, “WTF is this?”

Sorry homie, that went straight in the trash, LOL.

But on a serious note, lots of Gurkha hate / bashing, most of them are duds and overpriced garbage, but there’s a couple out there that are pretty fair. I still wouldn’t pay more than a couple bucks a stick for one though, and that’s being generous.
Hahaha, Ron Mexicos are gag gift body guards! You don't smoke them! You just take some pics and then. Drop them on the next poor sap... ;)
Awhile back there was a dog rocket box pass going on that was absolutly hilarious. Sounds like it might be time for you guys to revive it.
Jason can have at it, I want nothing to do with that foolishness.. Well other than to read the reviews... ;)
Rating - 100%
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Sep 22, 2018
On the subject of resting, I've had MF cigars that are ok, then I've had MF cigars that have rested six+ months that are phenomenal. The spice bomb turns into creamy Nicaraguan deliciousness.
That’s been my experience with MF all the way! I just finished the last of a 5 pack and hey have gotten progressively better over the last 4 months or so. The final was tasty as hell. Like gelato.

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