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Colibri Daytona Torch


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Oct 25, 2017
Splendora, TX
This is my new lighter, I’ve been using it about 2 months and I love it, so I want to tell you about it. This is not a solicited review, I bought this lighter with my own $.

I was in the market for a new lighter, having been using cheap Eagle torch gun lighters for a good while. The Eagles are good, but they all seem to go to crap after the first refill or two, even using quality butane and following proper purge/fill procedures.

My requirements were simple, single torch, large fuel capacity, fuel window. The Daytona seemed to fit the bill. I considered it for a while before finally pulling the trigger and dropping $ on it. It isn’t cheap by any means at $60.

The Daytona has met all my expectations for a $60 lighter. It’s a decent size, and has a good heft to it, with a gunmetal alloy body. It has a large fuel capacity that lasts approxiamtely a dozen cigars of varying ring gauge.

One side of the lighter is a giant fuel window, with a blue tinted backround that makes it effortless to view the fuel level. No more squinting, turning, or holding up to the light. The opposing side is the ignition. It is large, and very comfortable/easy to use and hold down. When you release the button, a small door slides back into place over the jet to keep out debris. The sides have large vents for plenty of airflow, and the fuel adjustment is nice and large as well.

My experience so far has been positive. I’ve refilled about 4 or 5 times now. I always get positive ignition. I can’t recall a single time it didn’t light when it wasn’t running low or out of fuel. I’ve been using the recommended Colibri butane (silver can) and following purge/fill procedures stated in the manual.

Based on my experience, I recommend this lighter. Here are some pictures. The flame in the picture is not as high as it goes. That’s about where I keep it set. It’s sufficient for the task and doesn’t burn fuel unnecessarily.

6B22AE21-E956-477D-B809-DE30E845DD9F.jpeg F5970DE5-9A91-4D8A-A937-6B46F6F71170.jpeg A17A4C14-52A9-43E0-8526-4244C4B53DBE.jpeg 2D556642-BFD8-420A-A6A6-AFBECE73EE55.jpeg 68B77ACF-6683-489E-BFE9-B645188710F3.jpeg 4AAA74FF-725B-4CE0-BC16-25B5A4F5E540.jpeg
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Aug 23, 2018
Nice. This is my favorite style of torch, with the side ignite button and large adjustment wheel on the bottom. The only thing I'd change is the flame being offset on the side instead of coming right out of the middle, as I find that more intuitive to use, but its a minor nitpick. For me I use the Xikar Executive.


testing testing.....is this thing on?
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Dec 28, 2018
North Idaho
Nice I like the fuel level ,easy to see and the large knob for adjusting the flame.