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Covering part of the deck

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Jan 28, 2012
Merriam, KS
Having this built over my deck for grilling and smoking cigars during bad weather. I'll have my gas grill and built-in griddle under it. It will vent out the top while still keeping water and snow out and itv will have a overhead grill light, ceiling fan and speakers. The price of materials is absolutely ridiculous, but it's been something I've wanted to do for quite awhile now.

I'll update when it's finished!

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Growley Monster

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Apr 12, 2020
New Orleans
Nice. You are gonna love it! I usually smoke and grill and barbecue on the side patio but when it is raining, we have a covered carport I can use. Nevertheless I am thinking about building a smoking gazebo out in the tobacco patch, with concentric rows of tobacco surrounding it and maybe some marigolds and pyrethrum daisies (the latter is hard to grow here in New Orleans) and other pest repellent flowers, and maybe some Jasmine just to smell nice while I sit and smoke in the evenings and admire my plants.

Unfortunately Mrs. Monster has given that project a priority number of around 372 on my list of things to do so it might be a while.