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Davidoff Nicaragua miniature

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Jul 22, 2019
It's been a long time since I reviewed a cigar, so bare with me.

On inspection the stick is nearly perfect, the wrapper is clean and smooth with faint veins and not a blemish to be seen. The aroma reminds me of an earthy, almost caramel sweetness with traces of fresh hay and leather. The cut was made with a #15 scalpel, the incision was clean. On a cold draw I get a very soft Flora sweetness that seams to attempt to linger, the woody leather is pronounced. I can tell already that I will enjoy this. On lighting I am met with a very pronounced spice and leather. As I enter the first third the spice settles slightly in to leather, dark chocolate and a faint floral note I am unable to place. This is a very bold cigar that reminds me why I love Nicaraguan tobacco. As I continue to smoke I get a distant hint of what I can only call lemon, it is not sour, and works well with the earth and leather that seam to make up the bulk of the flavor profile. The leather starts to fade as I reach the half way point, but the complexity lingers well on the pallet. At the half way mark the spice begins to rise as subtle wood takes the forefront. A light coffee note is starting to pop up. Little has changed as the final third is underway. Strong spice with light notes of coffee, wood and the hint of lemon linger. There is barely a trace of tar even as I approach the end of this smoke. As the end draws near the leather notes return to the foreground and spice is again the primary note. At the last draw the wrapper has begun to come undone and with that the stick is pitched. The nicotine content is satisfactory and the construction was excellent up untill the end, I have a tendency to roll smaller cigars in my fingers, so that may be on me. Overall this was wonderful and am eager to try a full sized Davidoff Nicaragua in the future.
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Mar 15, 2011
Katy (Houston) TX
Nice review on the smoke. I haven't smoked or bought that cigar so a little more info would be nice. Like cost and size of the cigar. Also pictures, we all love pictures LOL.

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