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How old is too old, for Rock and Roll?


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Jan 30, 2017
The New Orleans Jazz Festival just scheduled the Rolling Stones for the October 2021 festival

Mr. Mick is 77 years old, cancelled their last appearance because he needed heart surgery. Ron Wood 74, Charlie Watts is 80, Keith is 77

How old is too old to play Rock and Roll?

I understand they will be playing their new old favorites

Trying to Jump Jack Flash
I can't get no Erection!
Help me Up
Time Ain't on my Side
Anybody Seen My Glasses

Love the Stones but it's kind of like your favorite Quarterback playing one season too long.


Outlaw Hockey Biker
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Sep 6, 2005
I saw Ozzy in concert once; he looked like a corpse on stage. That was over 20 years ago.

In all fairness though, he didn’t sound bad
I saw Ozzie around 10 years ago, and he had to read the lyrics from a floor mounted teleprompter. He was wearing what I believe was a woman's hat and was about as scary as Betty White. Sad after seeing him with Sabbath in the late 70s.

I actually thought the last Stones' show I saw was their best in a long time. For several tours it was kinda "phoned in", but maybe because they're nearing the end, they put more into it? I've seen every US tour since '78, so I will be going again in the Fall unless the date conflicts with travel.