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"That guy"
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Oct 9, 2018
Delaware, AR
Went out to dinner with my wife last night at Buffalo Wild Wings. Nature called as we had been on the road for a while. I step up to the urinal, and hear this conversation in the stall.

Man: You have to go on the potty.
Distressed little girl: Noooo! I Don't wanna go on the potty, I wanna go on the floor.
M: You can't go on the floor sweety, I didn't bring any bags.
DLG: I'm not going on the potty daddy.
M: Then you have to wait till we get home.
DLG: I want to go now! (Repeat 2-3×)

I ALMOST made it out of the bathroom before busting out laughing hysterically!!!
I have no clue why this man has chosen to house break his daughter as opposed to potty train her, but i can only assume the mother plans on breastfeeding at least into her teens. Why you ask? I have no clue, but the better question to ask...

Why, if you know you have trained your child to poop in a bag on the floor, didn't you throw a couple bags in your infants diaper bag? It would have saved you embarrassment and judgemental stares when some dumb redneck that bore witness to your stupidity had to loudly recount the conversation he just heard in the bathroom!!!

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