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Montecristo petite no 2

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Dec 13, 2019
Holy shit. This box came in with some others yesterday and smelled great apon opening. Barnyard and chocolate was very strong. Wrappers look fantastic. I couldn't resist as I've never had one before. I lit it up this morning with coffee otw to pick up breakfast before golf in the afternoon. Construction was perfect and draw was even better. Just a little resistance. First quarter inch was like dry cocoa powder nothing remarkable but NO bumps or elbows. Very smooth and mild. Then all of a sudden boom.. milk chocolate and cream. Tasted like a chocolate Easter bunny. Lots of creamy chocolate smoke which gained strength down to the band. The nub had a little I hate to say ammonia through the retro hale which was not enough to be unpleasant. It's one of the youngest cigars I've probably ever had. No bullshit a solid 94. Fantastic. I'm going DEEP on these. Might buy 10 boxes. 20200227_100538.jpg20200227_105040.jpg20200227_105052.jpg15828195067146654896127750600230.jpg


tatuado fumador de puros
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Apr 10, 2012
Glad to hear the new crop is great I’ve had ones on par with your experience (made the week/month for smoking) and some that tasted truly awful. Always a great experience finding that freaking good smoke to add to the rotation.

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