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My New Wineador

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Oct 16, 2019
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The two winadors that I have built were both compressor models. I took the compressors out to decrease the weight. I don't need cooling since my house has A/C. Variation in temperature is not a big deal as long as it stays below 80 deg.
I also freeze all my sticks before they go in so beetles are really an issue for me anyway.
Same here. The facility is climate controlled, plus everyone's room has its own thermostat with heat and a/c, so my room stays at 68 degrees pretty steadily without using the heat or a/c, except the very hot summer days when it will get as high as 75 in my room, so I turn the a/c on, but for my comfort, not my cigars.

Very glad, as i have browsed winedors and they are pretty pricey, so happy I'm not somewhere that I would need the cooling.

My $10 to $40 tupperdors are much more in my price range and work perfectly for all my needs thankfully

Plus, as eluded to by Bruce T, cigars really aren't nearly as fragile as we all tend to treat them. Being overprotective of your stock is just part of the hobby, and is very understandable given the total cost of most people's collections.

I have a relatively meager collection compared to most, and I would hate to know how much i spent on it,lol


I friggin' LOVE cigars
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Jan 17, 2021
You can buy the thermo electric cooler units to install if you must have cooling. I have a couple

I’ve never installed but it’s not super difficult

I like to try to figure out how things work so I bought a couple of the units for like 60$ a piece to play with. I may build a wine cooler to try to mass store my stash of smokes.

prolly be a few years getting the number of smokes down to reasonable