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My Weight Loss Response...


Brandon | BotM Jan 2038
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Jul 28, 2016
Northwest Arkansas
Some of you know I've been literally working my ass off on losing weight and putting on muscle. Short story; I was tired of being so out of shape and I was fearful of where I was headed. So I changed my diet and hit the gym.

One thing I hate about this journey is getting into a conversation about how I lost weight because I find that:
  1. People are looking for the latest shortcut/fad
  2. People begin telling me about how they lost weight or why they can't and I don't care about either
  3. People start telling me what I should do differently even though what I am doing is absolutely working for me

So I avoid the conversation when people ask me how I lost so much weight. Recently my go-to response has been to tell them that I switched to sugar-free cigars and I'm shocked at how many people actually believe it. If I even think the person is sort of believing it, I start pushing pretty hard on some made-up story. ;)

Am I an asshole? Yup.
Do I care? Nope.

Here's a before (June 2019) and after (June 2020) photo. I still have a ways to go but the journey has been fun and I'm loving the newfound energy!

Before and After.jpg


Suburban Legend
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Apr 14, 2020
Congrats man! You nailed it!! I have a similar attitude/situation. Have lost 120ish since August of 2018 and nobody who asks about it really has any interest beyond, as you say, discussing quick fix fad diets and talking about their own inability to stick to a plan. If I have to hear about "having just a protein shake for lunch" one more time...:arghh:
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Feb 4, 2015
Damn B, looking good! I gotta ask though, what happened to your hair? As a guy who’s been going bald for way too long, I gotta say, you should keep your hair as long as you can