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Nacionales W by Pepin

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Nov 8, 2006
Today I smoked a Nacionales W by Pepin. The NW ( Romeo y Julieta-esque) was one of a series of cigars, Havana Soul (Montecristo), Habana Leon (Partagas) and Hirsh y Garcia ( Cohiba) commissioned by Cigar King of Scottsdale , Arizona in 2006 and after sitting in my humidor for over 14 years it blossomed into an absolutely magnificent smoke. Although it did not really have a Cubanesque profile, its smoothness rivalled anything produced by the Island. The sweeet honey and graham cracker flavor mixed perfectly with the slight undertones of mint and bourbon. Several "heavier" flavors were present however due to the aging (or perhaps my lack of discernment ) I could not identify them. Each third progressed to a distinct,albeit slight, tasting experience.

I generally finish my stogies at about an inch and a half left unsmoked however I nubbed this baby due to its never ending delightful flavors and lack of harshness.

I called Cigar King hoping to score some more but alas this gem with its Corojo 99 wrapper and Nicaraguan tobacco has long been been sold out.

If anyone has any of these stashed away treat yourself to unique experience.


BoM June 07
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Oct 31, 2006
San Diego
thanks for the review. there are a few out there who say NC's don't age well. I disagree. Always love an aged Pepin.