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Pics of Your Sticks

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May 9, 2014
Newark, Dull-Aware
Sweet, what did you blend together to make it?

That nubber's the redoubtable Alma. I feel like I should set on down and smoke 'em all up.

I had scored some Mata Fina binder which turned out to be entirely unsuited to binding... nowhere nearly strong enough nor sufficiently intact, IIRC. So I cut out the stems and used 1 leaf of this Mata, with a Condega seco leaf and a Piloto viso leaf. These three were the filler

I scored wide-ass leaves of Olor wrapper. So I cut a strip from the outer edge for wrapping. Then I used the inner portion, closer to the stem, which was left after cutting the wrapper strip, as my binder.

Then the outer Olor strip made my wrapper.

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Coronas rock... and it's just a snap to torque one up.
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Jun 11, 2015
Put a couple together last night getting ready for night shift. Put the wrapper on two today.20220910_140534.jpg

These are simply Dominican crillo seco, Nicaraguan habano ligero, bound in Nicaraguan habano seco, wrapped in Ecuadorian CT shade leaf.
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