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Review : Davidoff Short Perfecto

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Aug 17, 2020
Hi everyone

It’s been a while since I last posted so for my come back here is a review of a cigar I liked a lot : the Davidoff Short Perfecto.

Wrapper color : Colorado

Type : Perfecto

Pre light : mostly vegetal (hay especially)

1st third : the vegetal flavour is clearly here with also some sweet aromas. This is a real soft beginning and I like it a lot !

2nd third : the vegetal tends to fade away replaced by roasted aromas (coffee) and dry fruits (almonds). The smoke is creamy, silky : in one word everything I like !

3rd third : No big change on the savour. The roasted aroma is getting a little more pronounced but remains very balanced and pleasant.

The drawing and the consumption are also perfect !

What I liked :
  • Very pleasant and balanced aromas
  • Excellent construction
  • Perfect combustion
What I didn’t like :
  • Not many things… Maybe a little lack of evolution
I guess you have understood : I really liked this cigar and my general rating will be 9/10.


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