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Feb 19, 2013
Minot, ND
Had an idea to change the game up a bit, hence 2.0. The game will continue using the 6-letter word format & change 1 letter only, but now if you play a word that someone has chosen to be a 'bomb word', you will be mailed a '5'er'. Folks that have chosen these bomb words have already been PMing them to me so I can help keep track. If you or I see someone has played your word, simply quote that post and let them know.(....trying to not this more difficult than it is, but rules... you know)
- If you want to get in on the fun, simply PM me your word.
- Easy way to see if someone used your word, because you obviously aren't watching the thread 24-7, is to use the advanced search function. Make sure you narrow it down to 'General Discussion' and select 'post'. I will help with this from time to time as well as I will keep the master list.
- Your word can only be used once for bombing purposes and then you have the choice to select another if you like.
- You DO NOT have to have a bomb word of your own to play the game, but if you play often it is encouraged.
- Just like the real game of scrabble, the posted word should not be a proper noun. Words that would normally be capitalized such as a person's name, cities, companies, etc. are not acceptable.
- The word you post should be in an online dictionary somewhere. Any online dictionary (including Urban Dictionary) is acceptable. If you are not sure that you are posting an actual word or you get a red squiggly line underneath the word in your draft, please take some time to look the word up.
- Please try your best to not reuse words that have been recently posted. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 15 posts before reusing a word.

After we get this rolling (now), I will probably request that the original 'Scrabble' thread be closed, because not much actually changes in the way of playing and we don't need 2 Scrabble games going.


Lets get started with:

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