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May 16, 2013
I got one of these guys.


Love the longer handle and the butterfly-open makes it a breeze to swap/clean blades... I put a feather blade (very sharp) in there, and I can easily shave with a wet face-no soap, or oil, or nothing... barely have to press the razor. The weight of the head does the work for you.

In the meantime, give me your address and I'll shoot you some blades. It's f**kin' party time.
This is a trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nov 18, 2016
Hi guys,

I recently ran out of the shaving materials I had from the Art of Shaving store. I liked the stuff well enough, but seeing that I'm out, I thought I'd see what else is out there. Basically I came across the Art stuff because I have pretty sensitive facial skin (I know, man up...... ) and it seemed to help. I was wondering, what else do you guys that have sensitive skin use? I liked the pre shave oil and more soapy type cream than the typical puffy cream junk. I already have a brush, so that's not needed. Also, maybe a decent (but cheap) razor suggestions?

Anyways thanks in advance! I'm too lazy to search on tapatalk so let me know if there is already a thread that covers this sensitive skin stuff! Haha.

For sensitive skin you can try out some oil or creams that are readily available in market these days.


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Oct 21, 2016
Chi-kah-go (not Chi-caw-go)
I'm glad this thread popped up the other day. I thought I'd chime in to be the first to say how great Mike's soaps are, but then i decided to read through and behold it was the first suggestion. I love his soaps; been using them four or five years now, off and on, but i think I'm ready to give up on the rest of the soaps out there. Mike's are the best.

On a different note, i was never able to get that comfortable a shave with a DE razor. And i would cut myself A LOT. I didn't think my technique was that bad, but hey…results speak for themselves. Considering the beating my face took with a DE, i don't know how i came to the conclusion that a straight would work better, but once i gave it a shot I've never looked back. I love straight razor shaving. There's just something about scraping the hair off my face with a very sharp hunk of metal that i sharpened myself. Leather strop. Rocks. Metal. Manliness.

(ps speaking of rocks, seeking out hones can be another one of those slippery slope type deals) (and razors) (and strops) (and handmade heated shaving soap bowls)

Crypto Sailor

Loose Lips Sink Ships
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Aug 24, 2007
Hampton Roads, VA
I gave up on shaving with anything sharp. I've got a Enders single blade, Merkur, Gillette super speed, Gillette progressive and a disposable straight razor. Any DE blade you can find. I've tried Proraso, Connaught, Wool Fat, Col Ichabod Conk, I've tried a few different aftershaves and regardless my neck always breaks out. So I just use a pair of clippers and get close as possible. Heck I've even been shaved at a few places. I would love to shave for the simple fact my daughter hates my beard.