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Stink eye

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Sep 5, 2018
At a local watering hole on a nice side of town, just across the street from my favorite cigar lounge, cigar smoking is allowed (outside). The outside patio is L shaped so we will scooch ourselves into the tiny part of the L. If we are sitting next to non smokers, we will also go an extra mile to make sure the smoke if blown up/away as best we can. We do this and most of the time, we are joined by fellow cool BOTLs with cigars in hand as well and have a great time. But, if we are posted up next to a gaggle of Prada holding soccer moms, unless we are all holding our shots of Johhny Walker Blue popular public opinion will win out, and the business will express their difficulty with the situation.

Stink eye is reduced with reduced exposure to general non smoking patrons, a well dressed group, a good time had and a well tipped wait staff.