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Tatuaje Advent Calendar


BoM March '11
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Sep 7, 2009
How about a Pete Johnson "Pez" dispenser? The head would be Pete in a Santa hat, and it would dispense cigars the same as the candy version does.:bigeyes:
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Apr 11, 2009
To late Pete, I began the paper work on the patent and trademark for any crazy thing you could call this. Ha!

And the bands on the lanceros make them red and green.
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May 23, 2009
This one is for Hendy.....Brother you are a good friend and you need to stop stressing about the little things. I'm sorry you didn't get a box yet but you will......

So here is the newest creation from Tatuaje....

The Tatuaje Xmas Advent Calendar

25 Cigars behind little doors that you open one day at a time from December 1st to Xmas day. A different cigar to smoke every day. The box is going to be huge because each size is different and the picture it will make up is of Santa stealing cigars from a cigar store.

Yes i have actually thought about doing it and still might do it if I can figure out how to do the box. I think it can be done but the box will be huge.

So if you see this come out in the next year and it is not from me, they stole the idea and please call them out on it.


I know this is really silly but remember who came up with it first.....

Thanks again to everyone.
How about this for an twist on your idea:

1. Christmas Tat Humidor or Tat Santa Jar
2. Inside humidor are 25 cigars sealed in some sort of numbered ornament
3. Advent calendar with the doors you spoke of. Behind each door is a number.
4. Each day you open a door and smoke the cigar with the same number obtained from the advent calender.

Or you could just smoke them in order from 1 to 25 and drop the additional calendar...