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May 9, 2022
Just curious to learn some of the terminology I have seen so I understand. What is CC and NC? Thanks and sorry for the stupid question.
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Jan 30, 2017
Just curious to learn some of the terminology I have seen so I understand. What is CC and NC? Thanks and sorry for the stupid question.

This might help

AB = Alec Bradley

AF = Arturo Fuente

Amarillo- yellow wrapper leaf grown under shade not common

Amatista-50 or 25 cigars in glass jar

AMS - American Market Selection see EMS

Belicoso - aggressive and war like

Boite Nature - the cedar box many cigars are sold in

Book style- filler rolled like a scroll vs entubar or folded - many honduran cigars

Cabinetta = small cabinet no cellos in cedar cabinet w ribbon

Candela – double claro chlorophyll is fixed in wrapper bright green shade

Capa – the wrapper

CBL - Connecticut Broad Leaf

Claro - pale green or light brown usually shade grown tobacco

Colorado - med brown to brownish red shade of wrapper

Corojos - plants grown under shade for wrapper

Cubatabaco - Habanos S.A. worldwide distributor of cuban cigars

Cru Royale = regal growth more refined

CS = Connecticut Shade Wrapper

EMS English Market Selection old terminology 70 yrs ago americans like AMS candela wrappers EMS whas brown leaf and popular in Europe

Entabar – filler rolled individualy then wrapped cuban style

Finish - the taste that lasts on the palate

Flag leaves - extension of wrapper leaf that is tied into a ponytail or curlyehad vs end cap

Foot -end of cigar you light

Fuerte = full bodied or strong

Fuerza = strength

Gomma (GOH-mah) gum used to a secure the wrapper leaf

Habana - Havana

Habano - Cuban cigar
Habano Seed - tobacco usually grown outside of Cuba with seed originally harvested from cuban grown tobacco plants

Halfwheel – 50 cigars

Head – the end you smoke

Heco pronounce Hecho

Jamastran -- important Honduran valley near Nicaragua

Joy = Jewel

LFR = Large Flat Rate, large fixed cost shipping box, U.S. Postal Service

LE = Limited Edition

Ligero = light an aromatic tobacco harvested from the top of the plant where it gets a lot of sunlight -lends body to a blend

Maduro = ripe dark reddish brown to black wrapper thicker leaf, longer fermentation

MAP = Minimum Advertised Price, a price floor set by cigar makers to purveyors

MF - My Father, also, Mouthfeel - total oral sensory experience: taste, texture, temperature and tactile

MFR = Medium Flat Rate, medium fixed cost shipping box, U.S. Postal Service

Nat, Nattie = natural shade wrappers (cameroon, Connecticut Shade, etc.)

NC, nc = Non Cuban

Oil - shean, gloss on wrapper usually well aged cigar

Olor = aroma also a big leaf dominican tobacco used for filler and binder

Oscuro – darkest shade of leaf brazil and mexico

PC = Petite Corona

Pilato Cubano – cuban seed tobacco grown in Dom

PL - Petite Lancero or Por Larranaga

Preferido = prefered

RASCC- Ramon Allones Small Club Corona

RH - Relative Humidity

Rosado - pinkish wrapper usually a cuban seed

SDB - Standard Dress Box

Seco=dry harvested lower on the plant usually filler tobacco provides aroma and medium body

SFR = Small Flat Rate, small fixed cost shipping box, US Postal Service

SG - Sun Grown

Shade grown – results in thinner more elastic leaf

SLB - Slide Lid Box (this is the slide box or mini-cab with the slide lid top)

TAA - Tobacco Association of America

Tooth – oil pockets under wrapper sandpaper type finish many cameroon wrappers

Totalamente a mano - made totally by man Hecho o mano – made by hand (machine bundled) Envuelto a mano – packed by hand

V - Vintage year tobacco harvested

Vieja pronounced Ve hay ha

Volado – filler good for burn

VSU = Volumetric Smoke Unit, smoke output of cigars, scale: 1 (Dud) - 5 (Fire Alarm)

Zafadores – cuban tobacco sorters
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Sep 26, 2020
Some times the abbreviations are too much IMO ( <-- LOL) :LOL:
B&M = Brick and Mortar i.e. physical store. I never experienced this abbreviation until I got into cigars. Of course my regular forums have been with computer software and sites for vintage cars so things are either downloaded or, if OEM is necessary and available, going to the "stealership" (a dealership which is where they charge too much).