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Today’s Smoke - 2020

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Feb 4, 2015
Nice Jamie! Looks like a good time! What is the crazy concoction you’re making there?
It’s all the liquors pictured, plus orange juice and pineapple juice. And a crazy straw! It’s supposed to be a lighter green and use less vodka, but I haven’t made one of these in years... Not bad as far as fruity drinks go, and has enough alcohol in it to do the job


Glass Gars Guns Garden
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Aug 27, 2017
North East Tennessee
First of 2020. Simple blend of piloto seco, mata fina and dom ligero. Dom binder and Ecuadorian seco wrapper. Bunched it yesterday, wrapped it just now.View attachment 144033
Judging from my experience so far , I bet it was tasty Jim!

View attachment 144040

First cigar since November. Happy New Year everyone.
Wow!?! I thought my 5 week stretch was bad! Hope all is well!
RMU AGO 15 Trinidad Reyes paired with a little Ardbeg AN OA Islay Scotch. Rung in the New Year with a 2014 Sir Winston and some champagne but forgot to snap a pic to post. Anyways hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

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Frizzy!! Sounds good man!