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Watch question


The Grey Rooster
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Feb 4, 2015
Philadelphia, PA
Hey everyone, I have a watch question for all of you.
My birthday is next month and I'm considering asking for a watch. Something a bit classy or sharp, as I'm trying to add some nicer items to my wardrobe. Analog, not digital, and no preference of the band being metal or leather.
I currently have 3 watches: Kenneth Cole NY in black, analog Casio G Shock black w/ rose gold on parts of the face, and a Fossil Blue in stainless.
The budget is probably $150-$200 max.


BoM Feb 13 - BoY 2013
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Aug 1, 2012

go see what those guys have on the shelf..

Movado's typically retail between about $600-$1200... with some models tipping the scales > $5K.. and a handful of their base models coming in about $300...

Everytime I have checked out a Movado outlet, they have several "last years" models where they have made minimal changes to the design, or discontinued models for anywhere from 25-50% off retail... If you can catch them on sale, you can take another 25%+ off... (the Movado outlet in Leesburg, VA used to run pretty big sales 2-3 times a year.. I was just in the Movado outlet in Allen, TX about a month ago and they had an excellent "after Christmas" sale going on)..

It looks like the Philadelphia store has a 50-75% winter clearance going on right now (until 1/31)..

Its been several years.. but I managed to pick up one of their higher end "Serio" watches (normally retails for about $950) for about $500 out the door...

I'd recommend seeing if they have anything that normally retails in the $350-$400 range there that might be picked up < $200... (grab a great swiss watch at below a good japanese watch price)...


I hate E and Chef
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Feb 18, 2010
So this arrived the day after my birthday.

It seems Ara, @sofc, saw this thread and wanted to make the decision making process much easier.
I am blown away. What a nice, quality watch and generosity to match. Amazing.
Thanks again, Ara.

Is it okay to say hhahahhaahaha if you sent the bomb? :)
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Feb 8, 2015
Long Island, New York, USA
That's a beauty of a watch! Nice job Ara and Happy Birthday @Mr.Draned !!

If you're still looking, I know there's A LOT of these watches out of price range BUT there are some decent pieces in your range from Invicta and Aragon (formerly Android) watches. For some reason, Android is no more and they changed the name of the company. So there's been a lot of liquidation sales on them. Just have to keep an eye out. o_O