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A gentle reminder.

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Nov 6, 2007
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BOTL has several sponsors, which support this site. The only sponsors on this site as of now are Famous Smoke Shop, JR Cigars, Emerson's Cigars, Boveda, Drew Diplomat, Puro Cigars, Ventura Cigar Companty and Small Batch Cigars. As a result, sponsors are able to advertise freely on this site and members are encouraged to support our sponsors. Our sponsors offer discounts and specials for our members, The only exception to that rule is by Cigar makers like Pete, Jon Huber, Abe Flores, Dion, etc.. Who share information about their brands and new cigars being released.

Should someone want to be a sponsor, you must contact Eric via pm and he will decide on that issue. There is a no self promotion rule that Eric has instituted to protect our sponsors. Unfortunately, some feel the need to become creative in their self promoting. Thus the need for this gentle reminder,

Thanks for your understanding on this issue,

Updated to reflect new sponsors
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