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Aging Beef


King Dude
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Apr 28, 2009
Olivehurst, CA
This was the first one I cooked. I use sous vide to get it up to 130 then finish off in either a cast iron pan or on the grill. This was done in a CI pan with The Blend (salt, pepper, garlic). The way I aged it was to get a Umai Dry Aging bag (https://umaidry.com/) to put the roast in. It was kind of a challenge to get all the air out using the dunk method but I got most of it. I then put it in the fridge in a roaster rack. The rack allows air above and beneath it which helps it age. I turned it over every week. You can age it however long you want and there is plenty info out on the inter webs. The first one I did was a couple bones and I did 35 days. The 50 days is just right for me with the nuttiness and funkiness, I do not think I would go longer. When it is done aging, I pulled it out and cut between each bone. I then cut off all the dry crust as you do not want to eat that (be prepared to lose a LOT of the roast). Then I finish my cuts into what I want them to be. After all that is done I vacuum seal each steak and put in the freezer which is why I use sous vide. I can put it frozen into the water bath and then cook it whenever I am ready between 90-240 min after I put it in the bath still in its vacuum sealed bag.