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Jul 24, 2005
Just went to roll on this long weekend, only to find that my tub with all my wrappers and binders was infested with tobacco beetles. Put all in the freezer and am hoping for the best! It appears that they hitched a ride on some Nic wrapper form LO. The wrapper was hit hard, don't know if I can save for filler or I may just chuck it. I last rolled in Sept. and saw no evidence of beetle activity, so it appears to have happened since then or it was in the early stages. The tobacco was purchased last Nov during the Black Friday sale. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!
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Dec 27, 2013
Almonte, Ontario
I freeze all my leaf when it arrives. It all goes in the freezer for 4 days or more. I cannot understand anyone not doing this.

I also freeze all my store bought cigars before they go into my humidor. Most people don't bother because they say it is done at the factory. It is so simple to do it myself and it provides total peace of mind.
When it comes to raw leaf there is no way it is frozen before we get it so the chance of beetles is very high. I know people will say " I've never had a problem" and all I can say to that is "good for you".