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BOTL™ 2012 Lancero by Drew Estate


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Dec 3, 2004

Taking pre-orders NOW
Shipping the week of June 11th

Coupon code: botl - 10% off your total order (non-BOTL™ items included) with 5-pack purchases or box

Please include your BOTL username in the comments section at checkout.
Unfortunately, there is a 2 box limit per customer as high demand is expected. Shipping starts the week of June 11th (next week).
Free domestic shipping on all box purchases - International orders MUST be placed by emailing sales@podmancigars.com

Box purchase: http://www.podmancigars.com/products/BOTL-LE2012-by-Drew-Estate.html
5-Pack purchase: http://www.podmancigars.com/products/BOTL-LE2012-by-Drew-Estate-5%2dPack.html

Ok here are sine details about the BOTL DE 2012. There are 200 boxes of 15 in this release. They will be available only through www.Podmancigars.com and there will be a limit of 1 box per person initially. I will ask that you include your BOTL name in the comment section so that I can give a list to Eric of who took part in the project. The cigars are lanceros 7X38 and will have a MSRP of $12.95 each but will be offered in 5-packs and boxes. I will do the best I can to make sure I filter as many boxes as possible to the members here but I fear there maybe a stray here or there which is why your BOTL name is important. Members also use a coupon code botl will knock 10% off the price and boxes will ship for free in the USA. International brothers please contact me separately to take care of your orders.

Now a little bit about the cigar. Many members here are big fans of smaller ring cigars as I am. Until recently DE hadn't done much with smaller sizes. JD and Nicholas worked with me over at DE to make sure the blend worked. We also sent some over to Eric to make sure everything was satisfactory with him since he is the driving force behind all things BOTL. The cigars have now been sitting aging for about 8 months. The brothers on the BOTL Cigar Safari had a chance to sample them when they were in Nicaragua but weren't told what it was when they smoked them. Also, I've shared samples here and there with guys over the course of time and Eric also had some to distribute. The cigar is medium-full to full with the filler being all Nicaraguan. The binder is Ecuadorian Connecticut shade and the wrapper is Connecticut Broadleaf. The wrapper is the same one used on the Feral Flying Pig. I hope everyone will enjoy it as I have and there are a few photos of packaging below.

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It has been a pleasure working with Podwika and Eric. Both of these guys rep the BOTL name to the fullest and I thank them for allowing DE to be part of this project. The cigars have been aging for a long time and should deliver for the fellas.
Read the first review here: http://www.botl.org/community/forums/showthread.php/61339-BOTL™-DE-2012-Cigar-Review
All in all...A MUST TRY.
Dual reviewed here: http://www.botl.org/community/forums/showthread.php/61482-2012-Botl-DE-review-X2

one of the best smokes I've ever had. Very distinct
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Oct 5, 2009
Great video, can't wait

Being a Brit where's the queue or am I at the front ????

Christ saw 2 posts watched the video typed reply and I'm way down the list of replies. Looks as though they might sell out fast !


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Sep 5, 2011
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it's like a unicorn just crapped a christmas tree into my frontal lobes! WANT!

edit: sorry, got distracted by the unicorn, great video E!
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Apr 10, 2012
Hell yes! Cannot wait.... Now I need two boxes of these and the lil monsters, so much for saving a little cash haha