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BOTL Top 25 of 2018 - Voting


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Oct 21, 2016
Chi-kah-go (not Chi-caw-go)
I started to compile the results yesterday. It's not what I thought. I decided to just look at the top 5 rather than the top 10 since most people didn't list 10. With just the top 5 there are OVER 230 ENTRIES! And the worst part is that they are almost all different. There are very few cigars that get more than one vote. It is very challenging to look at.

I have given people's list a weighted score of 1 to 5. Many people didn't rank their list so I gave them a score of 2 out of 5 for each. There are a couple that are out in front but most only show up once. I think I'll be able to pick the top 3 but the rest will have too low a score to be relevant. I think I may also post the most popular brands. For example Warped got lots of votes but there were all for different cigars so none have a chance to crack the top 5. Other challenges include the short forms that many people used that I have to try and figure out. Also, some of the brands that are both CC and NC are a problem. I can't always tell which H. Upman they are referring to. Anyway, I'll post my results soon.
Pretty sure that nobody would mean NC H Upmann, unless specified (ex AJ Fernandez collab).
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Dec 27, 2013
Almonte, Ontario
So here's an example of the short forms I'm trying to figure out.
1. 4. BLTC S & R (Corona gorda)

I'm sure many of you know what this is but I have no idea!