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Bring It Home Rally - World Record (tons of pics)


Brandon | BotM Jan 2038
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Jul 28, 2016
Northwest Arkansas
Steve (@GoBison) and I had the opportunity to ride in this past weekend's Bring It Home Rally to break the Guinness Book World Record for the longest parade of Harley Davidsons. Greece held the record since 2010 with 2,404 Harleys and this past Saturday, we brought that record home to America with 3,497 Harleys. Suck it, Greece! :LOL:

To say it was incredible would be a HUGE understatement. The event also raised somewhere around $50,000 for Motorcycle Missions - a non-profit that rebuilds bikes with Veterans and First Responders. Incredible group! Click on the link to see their website.

@GoBison has 2 Harleys and he graciously let me ride down on his 2008 Softail Deluxe and he rode down on his Road Glide. I was planning to ride my bike (Boulevard c90) down and renting a Harley but Steve stepped up big time with trusting me to ride his prized Deluxe.

Our trip started at my house (Northwest Arkansas) and Steve, 2 of my buddies, and I took off for Paris, TX.

The group right before making it to Paris, TX.

The event was held at Cox Airfield in Paris, TX. That's right, we got to ride the airstrip! The parade was led by this awesome plane that was used in WWII.

At the event

Tried to get a panoramic pic of the staging area but this doesn't capture the sheer size of 4,000 Harley's

I did find this YouTube video that someone posted using a Drone to capture it from the sky. Gives you a great flyover view of the entire setup.

On the way back from the event, we rode the Talimena Scenic Drive through the Ouachita Mountains.

View attachment IMG_5658.jpeg

While we were getting to experience some amazing views, it was storming like crazy back home. We decided to wait it out and we grabbed a hotel in Poteau, OK. That night, we ate an awesome restaurant called Warehouse Willy's. If you are ever within riding distance of Poteau, you HAVE to stop there and eat - SO GOOD!

We got back to the hotel after dinner and had victory cigars as we just heard the official announcement that we broke the record with 3,497 bikes! CoRos courtesy of @GoBison.


Just Another Ashhole
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Jul 12, 2008
San Diego/Atlanta
Great pics.....being a touring motorcyclist myself for at least 40 years and adding the cigar hobby alongside....it doesn't get much better. My bucket list had me doing Europe on my bike but sadly my health would not permit but I've done some spectacular rides here in this country. Well done fellas....those of us who can't do these kinds of rides anymore live through your exploits.