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CAO Session Garage

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Aug 17, 2020
Hi everyone

Last weekend, I tried the CAO Session Garage a cigar from Dominican Republic. It was the 1st time with this cigar and I had a good time.

Wrapper color : Oscuro

Type : Robusto (even Double Robusto)

Pre light : mostly earthy and maybe a little barnyard

1st third : the aromas are very close to the prelight with the « earthy » softened by sweet savours (honey). I also sense chocolate’s notes. Eveyrhting is well balanced so a very good start !

2nd third : still earthy aromas softened by sweet aromas and the pepper is clearly coming. It’s becoming stronger and stronger during the smoke

3rd third : a little more bitterness can be perceived and the pepper is strong. Earthy aromas are still there but the sweet savours are almost gone. The cigar is a little more harsh but remains pleasant.

The draw and smoke production were good but the burn required multiple touch ups along the way to keep things burning evenly. The ash were holding well but didn’t really layer evenly.

What I liked :
  • Pleasant aromas
  • good balance
  • good density of the smoke
What I didn’t like :
  • a certain lack of variety
  • uneven burning
It wasn’t perfect for sure but I had a great time (and for a pretty much long time because it lasted around 2 hours) !

My rating will be 7/10.