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Capital Butane N-Blend

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Oct 11, 2016
I decided to try a new butane after having some issues with my IM Corona Flambeau not staying lit like it always has. I wanted to buy a butane that was made in the USA and in my search I found Capital Butane located in Springfield, MA . They have this butane blend that 82% Butane and 12% propane which is supposed to "raise the pressure of the cans contents and provide maximum burning temperatures, especially at higher elevations and colder climates ". I cant comment on it actually allowing it to burn at colder temps or higher elevation but I will say my torch is now a night and day difference. Before it would stay lit for a few seconds and go out and wouldn't even ignite when turned up, now it stays lit even when turned up high. I really never thought switching butane could make such a difference. I was using Zippo and Neon Butane before, also tried Ronson but that has to be the absolute worse thing to put in a lighter. Heres the link if any one is interested.https://www.capitalbutane.com/collections/butane/products/n-blend-12-pack. My case that I got isn't the small can like that its the normal long skinny can, it even came with some adapters to use on other lighters although though didn't adapt to my Dunhill Rollasgas, the Neon adapters are still best for that.


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Aug 18, 2005
Chicago NW burbs
I've been using Blazer and Lava exclusively for almost 20 years and always performs well. I even put the Lava in my Ligne 2 with no problems at all. Will have to check this new stuff out when I run out. Thanks for the tip!